Let’s sing and learn our 5 senses!

Hello there!

I think that when we do our English lesson, singing song about the vocabulary is really helpful for the kids because they have lots of fun while they are learning.

Here you have two examples of song that you can sing in the class to help them with the 5 senses concepts.

This first video is really easy to follow and they just love it!

And this one is more difficult but they learn the chorus easily.

I hope you enjoyed them!!

P.S.:Youtube is a place where you can find an unlimited amount of resources, but, as always, you have to be prepared for your class and not choose them in a random way.


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  1. 1

    Hello! I´ve seen the video about ” the senses”. I like it very much because I think it´s very clear when students have to learn about this topic. It´s a funny and a catchy song, so that students can learn the new words of the topic really well.

  2. 2

    Iker said,


    Really funny and attractive resource!!. It´s great for learning vocabulary( senses) in a very easy way! Congratulations for your blog, I find it very interesting.
    Kind regards,

    Iker from UNIR

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